By Ana Lal

With its bold refinements in its design, comfort, convenience, and exterior, the 2018 model of Lexus NX is expected to provide jaw-dropping performance for car enthusiasts.

The Lexus NX has been an unpredictable success. Announced in 2014, it gave car enthusiasts exactly what they’d been looking for: a luxury fuel-efficient car with a spacious and stylish design.
But now its 2018 model reveals how the brand aims to succeed in future: with refreshed features from top to bottom! The all-new model was introduced at the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show in late-April.

Lexus NX

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Let’s have a look at the new specifics.

The Interior – When Added Convenience is a True Driving Force

Although the feel of the new model remains the same, certain features have been reworked to give it a sportier look along with an enhanced luxurious feel.

Lexus NX

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At the center dashboard, you’ll see a display that just got enlarged to 10.3 inches. Not only this, its analog clock now possesses a simpler and cleaner design as compared to the earlier model.

The larger size of the clock provides better readability. Interestingly, it also has a satellite sync so the time can be automatically adjusted according to which time zone it’s in.

To give it an enhanced premium look, the new Lexus NX comes with all new switches and controls, including door handles, a shift knob, and even the driving mode selector.


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But DON’T think that this makeover is only about looks! To delight the fans of 2018 Lexus NX, special emphasis has also been given to comfort and convenience. To provide easier operation, the interface pad is redesigned and enlarged. Wrist comfort has also been given priority, and the palm rest has also been reshaped.

And here’s another insight: if you have a larger smartphone, the new Lexus model has the charging solution for you! With its enlarged tray for your wireless charger, it can easily accommodate big smartphones. And if you’re in a hurry, you can benefit the most from its increased amperage. The result? You’ll get faster charging.

Takumi Craftsmanship Is Worth Noticing

The Lexus NX was known for the finely-detailed needlework and stitching on its seats. This quality has been further upgraded in the new model. This stitched pattern can only be made with exceptional needles that are capable of avoiding thread breakage and overheating.

The Exterior Just Got Bolder Yet Stylish

A sleeker shape and tremendous aerodynamics – that’s how the new Lexus NX looks like from the outside. To give it the sportier look, this car now has headlamps with triple projectors. Besides the vertical elements in the inner portion of the grille, you’ll also notice the smoked satin chrome trim pieces on its grille.

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If you’re looking for an aggressive appearance in a vehicle, then the 2018 Lexus NX is right up your alley. Its fog lamps are now placed away from the vehicle’s ducts and they can be seen near the front bumpers. Also, you’ll notice the change in the shape of the lower front bumper. This is done on purpose so that the spindle grille has good support.

With all these great new features in the 2018 Lexus NX, the automaker will be hard-pressed to outdo themselves next year!


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