By Michael Hines

When the Porsche 911 R was revealed at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, gearheads understandably went nuts. The new limited-edition model was a love letter to purists everywhere. It had a 4.0-liter flat-six engine, good for 500 HP and 338 pound-feet of torque. The body and cabin were designed to be as light as possible, with a curb weight of just 3,021 pounds. Top speed was pegged by Porsche at 200 MPH. Oh, and it only came with a six-speed manual transmission. Only 991 units were slated for production, each at a price of $185,950.

Of course it didn’t take long for the 911 Rs price to shoot way, way up. One right-hand-drive example in Australia was listed for $925,000!  That’s an extreme example of price gouging, but rest assured that the Porsche 911 R is still incredibly expensive. We went looking for the five cheapest 911 Rs on the market today, and here’s what we found.

No. 5$549,900: Selling a commuter car on your own is hard enough, but we can’t imagine the challenge that’s selling a Porsche 911 R as a private party. That’s exactly what seems to be happening with our No. 5 car here, though. This duPont Registry listing is short on words. All we know is that the car has 120 miles on it and that the seller will only deal with a “serious buyer with a real offer.” This white 911 R with (optional) red racing stripes is on sale somewhere in Miami, Florida.

No5 On List

Photo courtesy of duPont Registry

No. 4£412,000/$530,808: As indicated by its price, this 911 R is on sale in the United Kingdom. It was listed on eBay—and several other sites—by TH. Boler Automotive, a luxury car dealership located in Warmington, Oxfordshire. This example has been driven slightly, with 280 miles on the odometer. It features green racing stripes and the optional single-mass flywheel.

No4 On List

Photo courtesy of TH Boler Automotive

We don’t know how many 911 Rs were made right-hand drive, so while this example isn’t the cheapest on the list, it may end up being a bargain for those who drive on the left side of the road.

No4 On List

Photo courtesy of TH Boler Automotive

No. 3$489,900: Freeport, New York’s Porsche of South Shore is the home to the first Porsche 911 R we found priced at under a half-million. This example only has 17 miles on the clock and still has its Porsche Factory Warranty! This 911 R has been heavily optioned, with added features including: single-mass flywheel, Sport Chrono Package and Porsche Track Precision App, and the Light Design Package. All told there are $24,230 worth of listed options. Some of these are debatable, like the $160 aluminum look finish fuel cap. However, that black leather interior with GT Silver stitching ($3,480) looks to be worth every penny.

No3 On List Side

Photo courtesy of Porsche of South Shore

No. 2$489,777 (obo): The second and third 911 Rs on this list are separated by less than $200 and two hours of travel. In fact, this listing from Saddle Brook, New Jersey’s TopGear Imports made us do a double-take several times. After a bit of investigation we realized what separates No. 2 from No. 3, aside from the price and location. For starters, this example is finished in GT Silver whereas the other features White paint. The mileage on this example is lower as well, with only 12 miles recorded on the odometer. Perhaps the best part of this Porsche 911 R for sale listing is the phrase “obo” included with it. Imagine bargaining the price of a car as rare and capable as this with a dealer. Dare to dream. One thing to note: The 911 R listed on Hemmings does not appear on the TopGear Imports site, so there’s a chance it has already been sold.

No2 On List Rear

Photo courtesy of TopGear Imports

No. 1$475,000: It’s still $289,050 over MSRP, but this is the cheapest Porsche 911 R we could find online. It has just 48 miles on the clock and, unlike the other cars on this list, it does not feature racing stripes. The Hemmings listing was made by the Atlantis Motor Group, located in Riviera Beach, Florida. It points out that technically this car is Canadian, having been legally imported to the U.S. If you can live with owning a Canadian car this looks to be one hell of a bargain as there are a ton of options spec’d.

No1 On List Front

Photo courtesy of the Atlantis Motor Group